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Why Use Us?

Here's why you should use My Global Cover for your travel insurance and expatriate medical insurance needs:


We have been registered agents specializing exclusively in travel insurance and expatriate medical insurance since 1998.  References can be furnished upon request.

Stringent Criteria 

As one of the oldest agents in the travel insurance and expatriate medical insurance fields, we have developed a stringent set of criteria for the insurers and policies that we are willing to recommend. Insurers must have a solid administrative track record, superior financial rating and the ability to guarantee payment to medical facilities anywhere in the world. Policies must have certain minimum benefits, such as lifetime renewability for expats, and terrorism cover for travelers.

Personalized Service

We are always available via email or phone to help you choose the right cover. And once we've landed you as a client, we don't forget our obligations. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and assist you in getting through any tough moments with medical claims.

Loyalty to the Customer

Unlike some other agents, we offer multiple products from several thoroughly reviewed insurers.  By doing so, we insure that our clients have the very best travel insurance and expat medical insurance options at their disposal.  Sure we could probably obtain higher commissions if we offered products by only one insurer.  But that would mean short changing our clients.  

No Fees

We do not  receive any compensation from our customers, and our fees are always paid directly by the insurer at no extra cost to you. 

Sure, you can navigate the international medical insurance maize yourself. But why not have your hand held every step of the way by an experienced agent, at no extra cost? 

Let My Global Cover help you take the guesswork out of travel insurance and expatriate medical insurance.  

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